Nectar Creek Mead Now Available in LA

If you love honey wine, you need to check out these incredible new session meads from Oregon!

Founded in 2012 by brothers Phillip and Nick Lorenz, Nectar Creek produces a unique line of meads fermented from 100% locally-sourced and sustainable raw honey. Their year-round styles include the Waggle made from pure Wildflower honey and three adaptations of the original which blend honey with raspberries, ginger, cranberries and strawberries. Local, seasonal ingredients are sourced to produce three seasonal meads such as the Hibiscus, Peach and Hop Session Mead which incorporates whole cone Northwest Cascade hops for those beer geeks in need of some hops with their honey! Fermented to an approachable ABV, these meads are light, refreshing and meant to be enjoyed in numbers!

Nectar Creek takes great pride not only in their product, but also educating their community about the mead making process. Learn more by checking out their website!

CBGLA is proud to partner with Nectar Creek to bring their delicious line of handcrafted meads to the LA market.

Please get in touch if you are interested in carrying these products at your restaurant or retail location! Cheers!